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Basic Tips to Recognise Handmade Persian Rugs from Machine-Made Ones
Posted on 09 Mar, 2019

Basic Tips to Recognise Handmade Persian Rugs from Machine-Made Ones

The rugs knotted by hands have a tradition dating back to hundreds of years ago. It is no less than an art and can only be admired. The hand-made rugs are made through a specially designed loom and their knots are tied by hand. Weaving is done from the bottom going up to the top. The hand-made knots are interweaved as the groundwork for the rug and this task is as tedious as it is time-consuming.

Because of their superior quality and stunning appearance, handmade Oriental rugs are one of the most popular decor items on earth. It is indeed very difficult for ordinary folks to identify between handmade and machine-made rugs. Only trained eyes can pick up the differences between the two varieties.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the tips that will help you recognise a handmade rug from a machine-made one confidently.

Tips to recognise handmade rugs easily

The visual difference

  • Handmade and machine-made rugs will always have their visual differences. When you flip a handmade rug to expose its backside, you will see that it is very colourful as compared to that of a machine-made one.
  • The fringe of a handmade rug runs throughout the rug length and is called the warp. While a machine-made rug will have its edges overstitched. The patterns run across its back in such a way that you can’t identify the individual knots easily. It is the overstitched element that holds the pile material together.
  • The designs on any handmade rug are never of an identical shape or size from one end to the other. This design unevenness is a major feature to recognise a Persian rug weaved by hand. You should never consider this design unevenness as a specimen of poorly done work. In machine-made rugs, this unevenness doesn’t exist and all the patterns or designs look thoroughly identical.

Colour change

  • Handmade rugs usually undergo slight colour changes. This change occurs mostly at the bottom surface. There’re various reasons for this colour change. Irrespective of the factor, this change is almost certain in the handmade variety. As far as machine-made rugs are concerned, the colour change hardly occurs.

If you follow these elementary tips, recognising handmade Persian rugs from their machine-made counterparts will be much easier.