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Five Ways to Add Character to Your Home Office
Posted on 06 Feb, 2020
When you have a home office, there’s a tight balancing act to go through. You want to be working in a professional environment, but at the same time, you want your office to have some of those home comforts that led you to work from home in the first place.On the one hand, your home office is just another room in the house, but on the other, it needs to feel different because it is your place of work.Achieving the perfect balance isn’t easy, but here are five tips to help you add some character to your home office.From large rugs to indoor plants, there are many ways to spruce up your office.


Your office may well feel like a separate space from your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make it personal.Styling your office is about creating an environment that’s most conducive to doing your best work and that’s a happy and relaxed environment. Pictures of loved ones and little knick-knacks from your travels are not out of place in a professional environment, so embrace them and make your office a place that reflects your life.

Get a Statement Piece (A Statement Large Rug is Perfect)

Your home office doesn’t have to reflect a bland corporate office, it’s your very own room, so embrace the limitless possibilities by making a statement about yourself.Large rugs can make your office standout and be a real conversation starter for any clients that might come into your office. Persian rugs have so much character and can really transform your office from just another office, into something personal to you.

Keep it Green

A large rug isn’t only a statement piece, it can hugely benefit your office and its feel.We spend so much of our time stuck indoors, so it’s nice to be able to surround ourselves with a little bit of the outdoors when we’re in our offices. Indoor pot plants help purify the air and help to create that happy and relaxed environment.It’s a small detail, but it’s amazing the effects plants can have in an office. Not only are they known to reduce stress, but they can also increase productivity and improve health. Not bad for just a few indoor plants.

Remember Storage

Whatever work it is you do, there’s plenty of clutter that gets built up over the weeks and months. When planning your home office, it’s important to remember to plan some innovative storage spaces.Even if your office is very small, there are lots of innovative ways to store your belongings without taking up all your space. An organised office is a step towards an organised mind, and you’ll be thankful when you’ve got the right storage solutions.


An easy way to suck the life and character out of a home office is by not getting the lighting right. We need daylight to function at our best, and too many offices fail to give us enough.Make your office a vibrant, energetic place by making sure there’s plenty of natural light, to help stimulate you throughout the day.