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How to Properly Decorate Your Home or Office with a Statement Rug
Posted on 18 Dec, 2019

Persian rugs have history and command attention. They are stunning pieces of artwork in their own right, which is why when decorating a home or an office, it must be done right. With a few simple tricks, you can easily highlight the beauty of your new rug and frame it amongst your furniture in a way that draws the eye and pulls the room together.

Persian Statement Rugs

Persian rugs are rich in colours and feature beautiful, intricate designs. Made from luxurious, all-natural fibres and often by craftspeople in the Persian area, these rugs are investment pieces that you want to treat with care and reverence. What better way to showcase your large Persian rug than to include it in your interior design? Working it in naturally, however, can be a challenge. Persian rugs are quite traditional in design, and if you have modern décor, the initial thought might be that it doesn’t fit. This is not true.

With this guide, you’ll be able to decorate your home or office and showcase your gorgeous statement Persian rug all at once:

1. When Shopping for New Room Additions, Bring a Picture with You

You don’t need many elements to match your statement rug. A few throw pillows that match, a painting with the same colour scheme – small items like this can help the eyes rest and harmonise the room. You won’t be able to bring your Persian statement rug with you, of course, which is why bringing the catalogue image of your rug with you is a great way to judge on the go. Properly lit and professionally taken, these images will be the only tool you’ll need when shopping on the go.

2. Frame the Rug with Furniture

There are two ways you can frame your rug with furniture. You can set the furniture next to the edge of the rug. This will help protect the rug and highlights its shape and design. Alternatively, you can set furniture on top near the edge, so that it ties the furniture closer together.

3. Protect Your Statement Rug from Wear

This won’t apply in every arrangement, but if you have placed your statement rug under a high-traffic area, like underneath a desk, then you should look into ways to protect it. Desk chairs with wheels can be very harsh on the delicate Persian rug, but having a plastic desk cover can make it easier to get in and out of your desk and protects your rug all at once. From the front you will have a beautiful rug, from the back you will have a functional floor.

Other ways to protect your Persian rug form wear are to install a floor grip underneath, so it skids less and stays flat on the floor and to take it in to be professionally cleaned on an annual basis.

4. Place Your Rug in a Statement Location

The middle of the room or where the focus on the room is are great areas to display your Persian rug. These are the areas that the eye is naturally drawn to, which means your Persian rug will be most appreciated in these areas.