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Importance of Buying Oriental Rugs for Your Need
Posted on 26 Dec, 2018

Importance of Buying Oriental Rugs for Your Need

You will often find people discuss about number of knots for each square inch but this is not an important factor to consider for understanding the value of Oriental rugs. Read on to know about some considerations for determining the value and quality before you decide to buy oriental rugs online. The size and type of knot is an essential feature to know its quality.
  • Age in relation to its condition – This is the main consideration used for valuing these traditional rugs. Since it is limited in supply, this can be considered to be an important aspect for assessing the value of these rugs. Thus, the older these rugs may turn, the better its condition will be. They will also increase their value overtime. Certain rugs have sufficient value that increases their worth even though they require some kind of repair or restoration.
  • Craftsmanship and materials– The craftsmanship and materials are important things since they are involved in the quality of construction and esthetic look of the carpets. The common materials for the construction of Oriental rugs include – silk, wool, cotton, metal threads, camel hair and goat hair. There are different kinds of materials labeled as silk in the new rugs and these are– cactus silk, banana silk and viscose. Significant differences can be found in the wool’s grade being used and how it is spun before getting woven. The higher elevation areas seem to raise the sheep with its luxurious coats that may change into a classy rug pile.
  • Dyes used for construction – Natural dyes are preferred constantly to synthetic chromium dyes for its beauty. When these rugs are dyed with natural dyes, the colors will become less saturated and intense. These are not only complex but also require expert knowledge than synthetic dyes. The knowledge, added labor and scarcity of these experts will add value to the kind of rug being woven with naturally dyed wool.
  • Knot structure and density – The art for weaving oriental rugs for sale has been following the same tradition since ages. At present, weaving patterns can be traced largely though some countries have less labor costs with trained weavers for tying the knots where they have been made.While the size of knots is an important consideration, the more essential is wool’s density and how these knots are tied.
  • Hand Knotted Rugs versus Programmed Rugs – Unlike any form of art, the rarer the rugs are, the more valuable they will be. Another type of handmade rugs is programmed that are usually ordered in different sizes and colours. Some of these rugs are as beautiful and one-of-their kind.They mostly differ from each other in their artistic appeal and long term value. Whether you are buying old or new rugs of this kind, they are definitely worth the investment for a long term.
The quality of Oriental rugs in London are not determined by a single factor only however,there are various things to consider such as – construction, materials and visual appeal by the kind of materials used, weaving methods and ply of materials being used.