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Professional Rug Restoration in London

At Orientalist Rug, our professionals have great expertise and in-depth knowledge of rug restoration. We will repair the rugs and deliver antique work for your need. Our team is highly trained in re-weaving, re-fringing and an extensive range of repair as well as restoration procedures. Thus, we ensure that your damaged or worn items attain their pride of place in your house. We provide consultation and inspection for all kinds of rug repair and restoration in London. At the same time, we advise on the best course of action in and around London. Our professionals offer prevention treatment advice to take care of your valuable items. We ensure guaranteed rug services so that you can have peace of mind when hiring our professionals.

Our experts can help you by offering these services for your old rugs:



Moth proofing is the special finishing process to prevent the growth of moth. This is mainly done on wool fabrics as keratin molecules can be consumed as food by the moth.

Water pressure washing

Water pressure washing uses the same high-pressure like power washing but does not use heated water. This regular temperature water removes dirt, mold, or other tough stuck on substances but might not be get rid of tough stains.
Water pressure washing

Hand wash to clean rugs

Hand wash

Vacuum back side of the rug with vacuum cleaner and vacuum the surface of the rug properly. We will take liquid cleaner made for woolen fabrics, scrub brush, a bucket and warm water to clean rugs.

Traditional washing

When it is about oriental or other fine rugs, our professionals combine traditional cleaning methods with modern technology and ensure safe and thorough washing process.
Traditional Rug Washing

Rug Repair


Whether it is moth manifestation, plumbing issue or pet damage, our experts create a customised plan to repair your rug properly. With their great expertise and finest wools of every shade, we will reweave parts of your rug so that the repair work cannot be located easily.

Mater repairer

We possess years of experience in repairing and cleaning the finest handmade rugs and mats. We use eco-friendly and organic cleaning solutions for antiques, pets, humans and the environment

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Wash and repair by master cleaners

We specialize in washing and repairing handmade carpets and rugs to restore their beauty and strength. With proper restoration, we can make a damaged piece usable and increase the life of your rug. New fringe is the part of the rug that gets the filthiest and requires the most labor for cleaning. Rugs will Goes back to its original colour Our professionals will clean your rugs and maintain them properly so that they may last for years. This ensures rugs will restore its original colour once again.