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Skilful-Tested Tips for You to Recognise Authentic Vintage Persian Rugs
Posted on 28 Dec, 2018

Skilful-Tested Tips for You to Recognise Authentic Vintage Persian Rugs

Coming across top-class vintage rugs and kilims is not so easy. Rug traders and collectors have been travelling around the world for centuries in search of superb quality of those items.orientalist rug of vintage quality have a unique similarity to wine. They just get better with age. Vintage transition of a rug takes anywhere between 10 to 20 years. As the transition keeps occurring, the vibrant dyes used in the item start mellowing and maturing. This provides a stunning visual effect to a kilim or rug. Modern weaving technology has improved hugely but yet, it fails to deliver that stunning visual effects of vintage rugs.

If you’re considering to buy vintage Persian rugs, here are some useful tips below.

  • Be careful while investing your money on a rug, which appears to be heavily worn out or faded on one side. The same precaution should also be taken for the rugs that are heavily worn in patches. This happens to rugs which did not get proper care and maintenance. Remember, worn out and fading of colour in vintage rugs and kilims are acceptable only when the effects are evenly spread.
  • Some weavers are now adopting unethical practices. They are applying special procedures, to make a new rug adopt an old appearance. Therefore, they are selling freshly weaved rugs as vintage ones at higher prices. Try to stay safe from such unethical traders.
  • How will you ascertain if a rug is indeed old? You can separate the pile using fingers and look closely at the colour consistency of the strand. In vintage rugs normally what happens is the fading occurs evenly at the top of the pile. The colour of the dye is softer at the strand surface and it gradually turns darker nearer the foundation. On the other hand, rugs that are engineered upon to appear old, exhibit a lighter surface and an abruptly darker inner, completely missing a uniform fading on the whole body.
  • A vintage rug does not necessarily need to be as expensive enough to burn a hole in your pocket. You must remember this whenever you attend any sale for kilim rugs. Of course that certain varieties of products, were weaved at a certain time and certain places or by certain weavers, which may require a high price. Though, that doesn’t mean anything belonging to the vintage category will rob you blind.
Follow these tips and investing your money on the right quality products will certainly be easier.